Numis 2.

Skills Development in Maths



Numis 2 ( Skills Development in Maths ) ISBN 9780992981501 – Front  Cover
The novelty of this booklet is that
 it introduces children to the basics
of mathematics in a visual manner.
First and foremost, it can be a new
form of amusement for them.
As they proceed through the booklet,
they will familiarize themselves
with the basics of mathematics
in a playful manner.

Such familiarization includes recognition
of figures and knowledge of the concepts
of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and
division, as well as practical experience in
working with thesefunctions. This supports
children’sstudies in maths classes, builds
on earlierstudies, and allows assistance
from parents. This workbook helps to
develop maths skills in children
aged five to ten years old.

Abundantly illustrated,
this skills-development book uses
a unique approach to help children
understand and practice maths.
The book introduces the four basic
maths operations in the

context of an amusing story.




The following topics

will be covered:

The Royal Addition


This book is suitable for developing basic
maths, logic, and problem-solving skills.

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ISBN 13: 978-0-9929815-0-1
Paperback: 54 Pages
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